Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook (Mark II)

Everything you ever wanted to know about Laser Light Shows and Laser Displays.

Laser F/X: The Light Show Hnadbook (Mark II)

    The original version of this Handbook, first published 25 years ago, was invaluable for many people who got started in laser shows and displays around that time.  Michael Roberts, trailblazer in the laser display industry, explained in detail how laser shows worked.  This was when laser displays were still done with legacy water-cooled, 3-phase powered, heavy, fragile and expensive laser systems.  A Laserist had to be a plumber, high voltage electrician, electronics and soldering expert, computer programmer, roadie, and much more.

Richard Gonsalves, an award winning Laserist, who creates incredible shows for world-famous EDM artists such as Zedd, has re-written and updated the original Handbook, so you can see the incredible contrast that two-and-a-half decades have made in the laser display industry, in this fascinating and informative Mark II edition of the Handbook.

    The Handbook is written in a direct and straightforward style.  Its 580+ pages are illustrated with many diagrams, schematics and photographs in colour.  This handbook takes the reader through all of the details of laser light show technology.  Valuable technical information, tips and techniques are covered in the extensive sidebars throughout the book.

    Like the original book, this is the only full-length guide, written by Laserists with decades of experience, to help anyone learn and grow and to create their own beautiful laser light displays.


    The summary of the Table of Contents below gives you an idea of the main subject areas covered in extensive and illustrated detail in this Mark II version of Laser F/X: The light Show Handbook.

Acknowledgements - xiii
1: Introductions
2: Can You Get Rich Doing Laser Light Shows?
3: The Truth About Laser Light Show Finances
4: So You Want to Be a Laserist
5: A Brief History of Laser Light Shows
6: Laser Safety Considerations
7: Laser Light Show Systems and Effects Overview
8: Theory, Principles and Applications of Lasers
9: Laser Projection Systems
10: Scanning and Blanking Systems
11: Control Consoles
12: Laser Software Systems
13: Laser Graphics and Animations
14: Choreography and Show Control
15: Digital Networks and Show Storage
16: Laser 3D
17: Outboard and Add-on Effects
18: Show Production Factors and Some Typical Show Layouts
19: Promotion: Photos and Videos of Lasers

Legacy Systems: Old Skool
1: Water Cooled Laser Systems
2: Show Storage
3: Fiber Optics


Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook is an invaluable resource for anyone into laser shows and laser displays.

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